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With mysterious shamanistic powers, a shy teenager in an isolated US border town turns the tables on the drug gangsters who killed her father.

Into Dust is a supernatural action-adventure in the vein of Smallville, a sort of Native American Wonder Woman: The Teenage Years.

The story follows Janey Santiago, her friend Pilar, and her mysterious mentor, Augusto Trueno, as they try to keep their town safe from the drug wars. Problems occur when gang member Oscar tries to recruit Janey’s brother, Carlitos, into the gang. Outnumbered, Janey must find the power within her to save Carlitos and defeat the gangsters.

Into Dust streams on Web Series Channel, Townspot.Tv, Web Series Network, SciFinal, Vimeo and You Tube.
Featuring Erin Taylor, Marie DuPont, Mike Vera, Vernon Tuck, Geoff Ingram, Kole Collins and Aaron Reyes. Cinematographer Robert Murphy. AD Vernon Smith. Additional camera, editing and color by John Mace. Grip, camera and editing: Jason Huggins. Visual effects by Kate Dawson. Original score by Richard Bowling. Into Dust Theme song , “Too Much Tequila” by Vinnie and the Iguanas.

Series creator Amy Quick Parrish has recently adapted the story into a young adult novel called  Into Dust – The Thunderbird Chronicles. It is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, in paperback at Barnes and and in paperback at Wellesley Books.

Into Dust - 3D

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Into Dust – The Thunderbird Chronicles

When the bullet pierced her father’s heart and he crumpled to the floor of his convenience store, it changed Janey Santiago’s life forever. At first she wasn’t even sure if she was alive or dead as she watched a strange blue light shift from his body to hers. In his final moments he handed Janey his mask, confirming her suspicions that he was indeed the vigilante fighting the local cartels. Janey felt a surge of energy and knew it was her time to carry on her father’s work. With the guidance of Augusto – her father’s mysterious young right-hand man – and enigmatic parallels from her favorite comic book series, Janey must learn how to use her mysterious new abilities to fight back against the gangsters that killed her father and threaten to overtake her town.

This is the first in a series – The Thunderbird Chronicles. Available for pre-sale on Amazon and will be delivered wirelessly to your Kindle, phone, etc. on June 30, 2016.

Into Dust - 3D