Recent praise for my new unproduced TV pilot teleplay, ALHAMBRA:

TV series potential:

“…The balance of romantic intrigue, politics, sex, and violence recalls Game of Thrones in the best way possible, a quality which is sure to serve it well in the television marketplace.” – The Black List 2/10/2016

“Great use of setting – a wonderful job with the period details and giving us a sense of life in this place and time. Strong visuals and themes. Mulay Hacen is a complex and nicely flawed character, and Isabel’s predicament is compelling.” – Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2016

“AIXA also comes across as a complex and fascinating supporting player, reader/audience completing understanding both her initial reluctance of Mulay Hacen as a life partner and her sudden/unexpected jealousy when she finds herself living side-by-side Isabel in the sultan’s harem. Isabel’s FADE OUT revelation that she could take-down her enemy by climbing into his bed is a tantalizing cliffhanger close.” – The Black List 3/19/2016


Other accolades for my feature screenplays and TV pilots

  • Winner – Spirit of Moondance Award, Moondance International Film Festival
  • Semi-Finalist – Page International Screenwriting Competition (for TV pilot)
  • Semi-Finalist – Slamdance International Screenwriting Competition
  • Quarter-Finalist – Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition
  • Quarter-Finalist – Silver Screenwriting Awards
  • 2nd Round of consideration  – Sundance Screenwriting Labs
  • Top 10%  – Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
  • Top 24 Uploaded Serialized Hour Long Pilots – The Blacklist 2.0

Specializes in coming of age, adventure and a cool setting.

Sold script: “Unreflected” short film directed by Sonny P. Louis.

Representation: Rima Greer, Above the Line Agency

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